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My compositions  


op. 35 for flute, violin, piano - Seeking

scores in Westminster Library - London$002f$002fSD_ILS$002f0$002fSD_ILS:1379255/one?qu=seeking+sally+wave

scores in the usual place:

op. 31 for alto saxophone and piano

Have you seen the dawn


op. 30 flute and oboe (or flute and clarinet)

Here come the Troubadours 

flute & oboe


oboe part:


Here come the Troubadours 

flute & clarinet




op. 29 viola and cello

(or woodwind trio op. 16)

Scattered autumn leaves - viola and cello


viola part:

cello part:

Scattered autumn leaves are dancing around - woodwind trio - 

flute, cor anglais, bassoon 


op. 28 cello and guitar (or flute and vibraphone op. 17) 

The red sky by twilight - cello and guitar


The red sky by twilight - 

flute and vibraphone op. 17


op. 27 woodwind quintet - Triptych:

1. Don't take it personally 


2. When the mermaid dances with you


3. When the breeze blows your dreams away


op. 26 for flute, violin and harp 

Swans are gliding through the raindrops

(op. 26 B for flute, viola and harp - more easy version for the harp)

scores for flute, violin and harp:

the violin part:

the flute part:

for viola, flute and harp:

op.22 for violin & piano (cello & piano)

Unter den Linden 

scores for violin and piano:

and the violin part:

scores for cello and piano:

and the cello part:


op. 32 for solo piano 


Sea Creatures - 13 pieces

for beginners and intermediate level

the pieces are still not published as a book, so I will post here 13 links for the scores - one for each, but for video - only one as they are in a playlist at YouTube 

1. When the crab plays his country guitar op. 32 No. 1

2. When the new-born Sea Turtle runs to the ocean 

3. When the Seahorse curls for a dive op. 32 No. 3

4. The Octopus waves hello No. 4 op. 32

5. The waltzing Seaweed op. 32 No. 5

6. The Oyster creates her presious pearl op. 32 No. 6

7. Fish at the peaceful coral reef op.32 No.7

8. Skeleton in the ice no. 8 op. 32

9. Dolphins play alongside my boat op. 32 No. 9

10. The Fish and The Frog op. 32 No. 10

11. solo piece for piano - When the mermaid dances with you op. 32 No. 11

12. Clams clatter rhythmically on the back of the white whale op. 32 No. 12

13. Friendly snowball fight between the little penguins op. 32 No. 13

op. 25 for solo piano

Bird behind the windows



op. 24 for solo flute (or an alto flute)

The Flute of Orpheus 

scores for flute:


scores for alto flute:

as well as the Song of Orpheus for many other instruments like

cor anglais (C), oboe (D), cello (E), violin

scores under the opus 24 in sheetmusic

op. 23 for piano

Diptych of the love of  Dante and Beatrice 

1. Nocturne as eventide falls




2. Reveries amid Sunny Ripples 



op. 21 for piano 

A Wonderful Day in the life of  The Yellow Emoji -


10 pieces for children 

The Yellow Emoji is a cycle of 10 easy-level pieces (elementary and early intermediate) for children and started as an idea for a single piece entitled The Yellow Emoji has Breakfast. A few days later the notion of making a slight variation in changed rhythm sprang to mind and soon was on paper as The Yellow Emoji goes to School. While working on this second piece, talking with friends spurred Sally to create new adventures for the Yellow Emoji and in a single weekend five more Emoji stories were developed, making a whole book. The last two pieces – the Emoji in the park and at the stream – arrived soon afterwards giving Sally the feeling that the project was complete. One of the pieces but has had 3 versions until the last one was concluded. 




op. 20 for piano

Elderflower blossoms in my palm

A departure for Sally from writing cycles, the F minor prelude Elderflower Blossoms in my Palm is a single piece, written in the tonality of the famous Appassionata sonata of Beethoven. As with the Variations Lost, the tonality has been chosen in homage to the great master, celebrating his anniversary in the year the piece is written. In terms of student ability, it is of advanced level.



op. 19 for piano solo

Variations "Lost" in C minor

(Variationen "Verloren") 




Lost is a cycle of 11 variations written in C minor. The tonality of C minor was chosen in tribute to Beethoven as it is associated with emblematic pieces by the great master like his Pathétique sonata op.13, with due regard to the year of composition, 2020, being his anniversary year.  

The variations Lost can be performed as individual pieces as well. 

Sally’s idea was to develop in clearly different ways the theme= She was inspired in each variation by a distinct subject such as emotion, weather,  a painting or the imagination; and as often happens in life, the theme was transformed, starting as a deep sorrow following through to almost the pure joy of the raindrops (var. 10) which replace there the tears from the beginning of the cycle. The finale is transformed to a dialogue with someone, connected emotionally with the theme where the dialogue is with one's self and the quiet triumph of the music over the words which are less powerful and unable to explain all the nuances that make up the beauty of our life.

op. 18 for solo harp -

When the Mermaid dances with you 




op. 15 for solo piano for Intermediate level

Flower-filled meadows, dreams during winter 



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